Malware Protection

A group of forensic analysis platforms that gives security analysts hands-on control over powerful, auto-configured test environments where they can safely execute and inspect advanced malware, zero-day, and targeted advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks embedded in common file formats, email attachments, and Web objects. With advanced instrumentation, the solutions engine provides forensic details on the exploit, such as the vulnerability exploited to create a buffer overflow condition, attempts to escalate privileges within Windows, and the callback coordinates used to exfiltrate data. When security analysts need a secure environment to test, replay, characterize, and document advanced malicious activities, they can simply load a suspicious file or set of files into the platform's engine. As it analyzes files such as suspicious email attachments, PDF documents, or Web objects via a URL, the platform reports a full 360-degree view of the attack, from the initial exploit and malware execution path to the callback destinations and follow-on binary download attempts.


  • Malware Protection/Zero-Day/Bots/Rootkits
  • Next Generation Firewall Protection
  • Evasion Deterrent
  • Security Analytics
  • Global SOC Datacenter feeds
  • Deduplication (Inline and CPU Centric).
  • Active Countermeasures
  • Infrastructure solution to support various workloads and datatypes.

Next Generation Firewall Protection

Next-generation firewalls enforce network security policies based on applications, users, and content. This unique ability empowers you to safely enable applications, make informed decisions on network access, and strengthen your network security. Regardless of where your applications, users, and content may be, they usually run across the network – which is the logical place to secure them. Deploy our innovative network security products to secure users (e.g., Internet gateways, branch offices, mobile users) as well as services (e.g., virtualized data centers, virtualized desktop infrastructures, websites). All of your offices, data centers, and remote users are protected by the same safe application enablement policies, which simplifies security. and network offerings enable you to see and understand everything that happens on your network, so you can focus on real problems. Find out how our firewalls safely enable your business, improve network security, and simplify your workload.

Evasion Deterrence

The anti-evasion portfolio consists of unique technologies and solutions for organizations and enterprises of all sizes – from all sectors. Our edge is our 24/7, automated evasion testing environment – that runs 1-2 million AET test runs every day – and our dedicated team that collaborates with academics and test labs. If your organization has data assets of value to cyber criminals, you could be a target for AET-borne stealth attacks.

Global SOC Datacenter

Global Centers that execute suspect files in a virtual environment and observe their behavior, they identify malware quickly and accurately, even if the malware sample has never been seen before, and our solutions contain these.

Threat intelligence delivery systems that elevate your security operations center to another by optimizing the time it takes to identify, assess and respond to incidents.

Participate in Lifecycle defensive strategies:

  1. Detect and Protect
  2. Analyze and Mitigate
  3. Investigate and Update Protections

Active Counter Measures

Providing immediate protection from application-layer DDoS attacks that threaten service and application availability. It also analyzes attacks and provides custom protection recommendations with real-time visibility into more than 35 Tbps of the world’s Internet. These solutions incorporate advanced DDoS countermeasures that have proven effective in the world’s largest and most complex network environments including sets of packet-based protections that neutralize the vast majority of global botnet threats.


Expand a unified security portfolio of enterprise appliances and cloud services to include secure web gateway, including options for virtual appliances in branch offices. Secure Web Gateway Virtual Appliances combine the market-leading security capabilities of solutions and offer flexibility of virtualization to provide a cost-effective enterprise solution.

  • Strong user authentication, web filtering, deep content inspection, SSL traffic inspection, and web application control.
  • Support Web security and other critical remote office infrastructure on a common platform, reducing costs and IT resource requirements.
  • Consolidate hardware and conserve precious space in racks and data centers, as well as streamline the deployment and management of applications.
  • Include a wide selection of user authentication, granular and accurate web filtering with multi-dimensional categories and high-performing inspection of SSL traffic.

Did you know the traditional on-premise capital expenditure purchasing model although remains popular, an increasing number of security solutions are offered in a subscription model which are funded by operational expenditures and offer simple ROI calculations on a yearly or monthly basis vs. the traditional on-premise model which calculates ROI over several years?


Accelerate delivery of web applications and content through integrated caching, stream splitting, bandwidth controls, threat analysis of inbound and outbound web content with user authentication policy editor, Analyze and scan inbound executables and files for malware to protect your infrastructure from concealed and disguised attacks and threats.

Protect web infrastructure by isolating origin servers from direct Internet access and scaling web farms by off-loading user authentication, SSL tunnels and web content optimization while performing health checks and strict HTTP/HTML protocol validation from server to client(HTTP, HTTPS, TCP, ICAP, ICMP). Also, can be used as SSL termination point with re-encryption to web servers, or a man-in-the-middle (MITM) configuration. Provides both server and client side certificate support, with web services encryption and decryption, and digital signature verification. Apply policy to inbound connections, based on IP address, user agent, client geo location and other characteristics of the incoming request

Mobile Security

Today’s products offer IT and users real-time intelligence and control over mobile content, activity and apps in order to secure the enterprise, reduce wireless cost and improve the mobile user experience.

    Provide an on-premise or cloud compliant, operations security provisioning experience to secure mobile delivery of business data and applications while preserving an excellent user experience, including employee-owned smartphones and tablets.
    Provide access to content, including Microsoft, Adobe, and MS Sharepoint.
    Create a secure virtual container, local to the desktop to wall off and seamlessly run the most highly targeted applications - web browsers, PDF reader or Office suite.
    A proprietary, behavioral based malware detection engine monitors the secure virtual container to spot any malicious behavior the moment it occurs. No signatures are required and our techniques are proven to spot even zero-days in the wild.
    The moment malicious activity is detected, stop that activity dead in its tracks. The exploit is captured within our secure virtual container and is prevented from doing harm to the targeted machine and network.
    Rich forensic intelligence is captured - in real-time - on all thwarted attacks within the secure virtual container. This information is fed to the Management Server and then on to a wide variety of other network security controls as desired. Shed light on campaigns launched against your organization as they occur and extend the effectiveness and life of the rest of the defense-in-depth infrastructure.

Security Identy Access Management

Infrastructure Change Management

The ever-increasing number and sophistication of threats has placed unprecedented pressure on information security managers, forcing them to meet external regulatory compliance requirements or internal security mandates in order to protect their businesses. Whether you have one or several compliance initiatives to respond to, todays leading edge solutions automate the assessment of IT controls and provides a streamlined way to remediate non-compliant settings. This means that maintaining continuous compliance becomes a minor part of your daily operations — instead of separately managed projects that provide only temporary compliance and the illusion of security. Unfortunately, many organizations achieve compliance through last-minute heroics to generate proof of controls for auditors. This moment-in-time approach to compliance increases the workload and costs, yet provides little protection from IT security threats.

  • Security configuration management (SCM), a critical security control, hardens configurations to prevent breaches and immediately detects and corrects any subsequent changes that weaken them.
  • Attackers are patient, laying frameworks for future exfiltration of data.
  • Data at risk can be Intellectual property, PHI, Financial Data.
  • Basic controls include monitoring changes on infrastructure devices against a preferred state which provides valuable focus on effective infiltrations.