No Code process automation

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About our no code process

We have intense demand for a compelling new product our team is working with.

The value comes from the Ops assumption that 90% of an enterprise DevOps team work allocation is on major projects support and efforts to move to the cloud eat most of the remainder of DevOps work utilization.

What might be powerful to aid a publish, consolidation effort is a “No Code” solution to meet medium level application demand, while ensuring the data is on a MS Sql backend for ease of data developer support or for open data publishing projects, when it’s strategically necessary.

The Enterprise Automation Platform allows customers to create no code applications to automate any process by leveraging a customer’s existing infrastructure. Business users can access and interact with any application through an extremely easy-to-use web interface or directly inside of an email, then route structured data throughout the organization for any action (simple things like: approvals, denials, deferrals, recommendations or more complex actions like: create record in SAP, send agreement to DocuSign for e-signature, store document in SharePoint), all completely based on the organization’s needs and business rules.

All data and metadata from every step of these configurable applications is automatically stored in an SQL database for reporting/auditing.

The Integration Platform (PASSPORT) can bi-directionally integrate data both to and from any other enterprise applications (Oracle, SAP, Workday, Salesforce, Dynamics, SharePoint etc.).

An easy way for employees to integrate data into more complicated enterprise applications/databases.